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Berwick Hills Junior Community Cadets



Berwick Hills has an established and active Junior Community Cadets scheme. The Community Cadet scheme is a schools based initiative to help keep young people safe, teach them about crime and community safety, and help them stay safe whilst out and about, whilst also helping keep their own area safer.

Activities are focused on crime prevention and safety in the community and are National Neighbourhood Watch and Police, Fire and Rescue and Health Service approved. Themes include; crime prevention, water safety, electrical safety, first aid, victim awareness, online safety, child protection, looking out for your neighbours, domestic safety, fire and firework safety, and road safety messages.

Lessons are delivered by emergency services colleagues who visit the children on a regular basis. The children also go out to visit the emergency services at their place of work. This helps them to understand the problems and dangers our teams face while out on duty and to help children understand how to stay safe. By introducing positive role models the children feel happy to approach them for help or advice.

The scheme is designed to teach the children important safety advice which they can pass on to their families and friends. The cadets at Berwick Hills are given regular opportunities to share key messages through assemblies and attending school council meetings.